Jan 17-19

Clarion Inn Hotel
Frederick, MD
Compete for the chance to WIN one of seven prestigious titles and a chance to represent Maryland at the International Pageant

Jr. Princess

(Ages 4 – 6)


(Ages 7 – 9)


(Ages 10 – 12)

Jr. Teen

(Ages 13-15)


(Ages 16-18)


(Ages 19-24)


(Ages 24-45 single, 21-45 married)

Are you ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

Send us a message to let us know you are interested! We will keep you up to date with information for the 2020 pageant!


There are three phases of mandatory competition:


Fun Fashion

Evening Gown

Base Competition Fee is $325

Limited time


Have more to show us?

Optional phases of competition include:


Present your 90 second talent presentation of your choice.  You may enter up to two talent performances.​

Casual Wear

This competition is all about fun.  Contestants will model attire that is age appropriate and display their own style.  Shorts, pants, capris or summer dresses are all great choices for this competition.  Pro-am modeling and glitz attire are not appropriate for this competition.


There is no limit to photogenic entries, however the fee is per photo.  Photogenic pictures should be at least 5x7" and no larger than 8x10" in black & white or color.


Do you have the voice and presence that demands attention? Spokesmodel presentations are between 45 - 60 seconds and must be memorized.  Topics will be provided in your state handbook.

Learn more about these phases and optional competitions here

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