Enter Talent Optional Competition
Do you need a microphone?

I understand that each talent entry is $75. I understand that my talent must not exceed 90 seconds. I understand that I must bring my talent music on a CD or thumb-drive with me to the competition. Without it I will be unable to compete. My back-up talent music must be the only track on my Talent CD and Thumb Drive. My talent music must have a definite end. If there is a fade, it must be recorded and completed within the time limit.I understand that my talent presentation may not include any object or substance that is deemed dangerous by the pageant including fire, knives, glass, etc. If you are in doubt, please contact the pageant office. I understand that any props used during the presentation must be a functional part of the presentation. Human props or live accompaniments are not allowed. I understand that there will only be a talent run-through prior to the talent competition.

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